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Reflection Type DHM
DHM R1000 Series 
The evolutive cost-effective optical profiler with real-time full-field sub-nanometer resolution

Lyncée Tec’s DHM R1000 series of reflection configured high precision optical profilers is based on Digital Holographic Microscopy technology. Its contactless full-field 3D optical surface topography measurements performed at video rate makes it an ideal tool for sub-nanometer quantitative dynamic and static measurements. The DHM principle ensures:

  • quick and reliable results for surface analysis
  • roughness measurements
  • critical dimension determination

The digital approach to holography allows the application of computer based procedures at a level hitherto unreached in video-microscopy. In particular the software allows:

  • simultaneous intensity and phase maps of your sample
  • numerical compensation for sample tilt and environmental disturbances
  • digital image focusing

Digital Holographic Microscopes are thus robust and reliable instruments for routine inspections, quality control and research. Additionally, ease-of-use and productivity are maximized by DHM’s unique features:

  • widest available choice of microscope objectives: DHM can be configured with any standard microscope objectives. This versatility allows you to work with the objectives best adapted for your application (high NA, long working distance, oil or water immersion...)
  • internal motorized illumination module: it ensures an optimal illumination of your sample. No objective change is needed when working with different sample reflectivities
  • automatic coherence compensation: DHM allows measurements of immerged samples and samples covered by glass plates as well as in air. Optimal and precise compensation is performed for any thickness and refractive index
  • optional motorized stages enabling automatic focusing, stitching and measurement automation over large areas
  • vertical calibration only determined by wavelength, no mechanical movements to be calibrated

The DHM R1000 series instruments are cost-effective and evolutive instruments that can be upgraded to R1100 series. They are compatible with motorized stages.

  • Motorized stages
  • Microscope objectives

  • Mems / Moems
  • Micro-optics
  • Microtechnology

DHM R1000 series brochure (english version - pdf 186 kB)
DHM 1000 Family brochure (english version - pdf 526 kB)