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Boron doped diamond
Boron-doped diamond electrode
Windsor Scientific announces the launch of BDE substrates for electrochemical research.

Boron doped diamond is a new conductive material whereby industrial diamond is doped with boron, typically around 0.1%. Potential benefits from applying boron-doped diamond in electrochemistry are:

(i)   A very wide accessible potential window and essentially no anodic electrode corrosion,
(ii) High mechanical strength and wear resistance,
(iii) High thermal conductivity,
(iv) A low capacitive background, and
(v) Average electrical resistivity of 0.75x10-3 ohm.meter.

The material can either be purchased as 3mm diameter electrodes in an inert Teflon body or as individual pieces of wafer. The latter is available as 10 x 10, 5 x 5 or 3 x 3 mm squares of approximately 0.5mm thickness. Each side is polished.

An example of a cyclic voltammogram of a Ferro/Ferri couple in KCl solution using a Boron Doped Diamond working electrode.

Prices are as follows:

BDD electrode in Teflon 3mm diameter  £240.00

Individual squares customized to your requirements are also available.  Please contact us with your specifications for a quotation.